Christina Aguilera and Venus

Name: Christina Aguilera

Born: 18 December 1980 at 10:46am, Staten Island, New York.

Powerful Planets: Venus in the Ninth House (High-Intensity zone).

Selected Gauquelin keywords associated with Venus – attractive, charming, elegant, gracious, juvenile, seductive.

Next to the Moon, Venus is the brightest heavenly body in the night sky. Little wonder that it’s named after the Roman goddess of beauty. So what’s in a name?

Xtina and the Goddess of Beauty and Love

Christina was born when radiant Venus had just passed its highest point and travelled into the high-intensity Ninth House (formerly known as the House of God). Take a look at her chart.

Christina Aguilera Neo Astrology

As all the other significant heavenly bodies were in regular zones when Xtina was born, the Venus effect should be quite pronounced. So what does this mean for Ms Aguilera’s temperament?


Gauquelin discovered that people born under Venus were naturally charming, attractive, and seductive. Now, this doesn’t mean that those who aren’t born under her rays are unattractive and lacking in charm. And, of course, this has nothing to do with physical attractiveness. It just appears that people born under Venus have a stronger belief in their inner (and, possibly, outer) beauty. But how?

Well, it seems that Venusians place that little bit more value on themselves – they love themselves, and are loved by others in return. So long as one doesn’t fall in love with oneself, Venus is a pleasant planet to have on one’s side.

Gauquelin found no link between Venus and vocation. Charm appears to be valid everywhere.

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[Source: Neo Astrology, Michel Gauquelin, Arkana, 1991.]

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